Decisively different.

The advantages of a software-driven scanner.

Hyper-realistic colors

Since Condor does not rely on textures or artificial recoloring, our files set a new standard for building color information into a digital impression. As a matter of fact, it allows Condor to be used for diagnostic and patient communication purposes. We understand that this is all very abstract, so why don't you take a look for yourself?

Ever-improving software

Condor is based on a software concept similar to artificial intelligence. So just like a translation algorithm improves over time, so do our imaging algorithms. While the hand piece has not changed since our first prototype, every day our software has gotten faster, more accurate, and easier to use. As these updates are available for every Condor user for free, we see this as a tremendous advantage.

Affordable price

The lack of complex and expensive hardware allows Condor to enter the market at a disruptive price point. Additionally, to ensure all users they are getting the most out of their Condor, we have chosen not to charge any license fees, click fees, or update fees.