Condor Ready Labs

Condor Ready. Future proof.

Building an endorsed network

A network of certified labs, supported by Condor, ready to receive & process Condor .STL & .PLY files.

Building bridges between labs & dentists

We want labs to get involved in the onboarding of new Condor users, so they can help them reach clinical success. At the same time, we're creating opportunities for labs to start working with current users as well.

Can't find your lab? Ask your lab to become Condor ready.

Become a Condor Ready Lab

To ensure a seamless experience and a smooth workflow, we are proactively reaching out to dental labs to educate and support them on how to get most out of the Condor files they receive. In some cases, our so-called Condor Ready Labs are strategic partners for education, support, and marketing purposes. We continue to accept applications as we are finalizing our global network.

It's unbelievable how clearly visible the margin line is on a Condor .ply in Exocad. Just incredible.

Jan Van Ooteghem, Labo Hoet