Seamless & Open.

Intra-oral scanning as it should be.

A worry-free workflow.

Life with a Condor introduces all the benefits of working digitally into your practice: more accurate impressions, faster and more interactive communication with lab, and more reliable results. Combine this with a user-friendly workflow and going digital finally makes sense.

Why Condor?

  • Open .stl allows to send to any lab
  • Color information improves visibility of margin lines
  • Condor Pro Platform delivers files to your lab within seconds



Preparing the restoration

Working digitally starts with making a preparation according to best practices for intra-oral scanning.


Scanning the preparation

Scan the preparation together with the adjacent teeth.

Request Scanning Technique infographic

Scanning opposing & occlusal

After evaluating the preparation, scan the opposing arch and the occlusal bite.


Indicating margin line

Indicate the margin line on your scan with just one click.


Sharing with lab

Share this file in both open .stl and .ply format with any lab in the world.

Find a Condor Ready Lab

How about your lab?

Are you looking for a dental lab that is ready to receive your Condor scans, or do you want to know whether your trusted lab works with Condor files already? Take a look on the map to see where Condor partner labs are based.