Simply seeing more.

Introducing Condor Perspective.

Imagine a cloud-based application that allows you to see any scan from any patient at any given time. Imagine documenting your diagnosis on top of a hyper-realistic 3D file. Imagine using that diagnosis to monitor your patient during his next visit. Welcome to Condor Perspective.



Patient communication

Showing your patient a hyper-realistic 3D scan patient increases case acceptance.


Patient monitoring

Comparing the 3D scans of previous visits makes it easy to monitor your patients.


Case documentation

Document your cases to protect yourself against legal claims or to share with insurance companies.


Sharing with colleagues

Ask a specialist for advice by sharing the scans or collaborate with colleagues remotely.


Simply seeing more

Combing panoramic x-rays with intra-oral scans creates a virtual patient with more information

Discover Condor Perspective

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