Condor. Intra-oral scanning as it should be.


Medical Franchise Investment, commonly known as MFI, is an leading Belgian company specialized in investing in dental technologies and headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. MFI has secured the rights to patents developed by Professor François Duret to manufacture and distribute the next generation of Intra Oral Scanners.


Intra Oral Scanners are used by dentist to take digital impressions of their patients’ teeth and will replace the traditional bite impression which is currently being used. Widespread use of digital impressions will change the dental industry and will affect dental labs, dental equipment manufacturers, dental designers and most importantly the dentist himself. It is truly a paradigm shift.


MFI Capital is very proud to introduce the Condor, the world’s most innovative intra-oral impression scanner. Developed in partnership with Professor Duret and subsidized by the European Union, we are excited to prepare the launch of the intra-oral scanner for which the dental industry has been waiting for.


The technology used by MFI is radically different from any of the early systems in the market. It distinguishes itself by simplicity, ease of use, affordability and freedom of use.


Condor saw a lot of success at IDS and we were very excited and happy to meet so many people. We received a great deal of attention, from distributors worldwide, academic institutions hoping to test out this technology and above all, dentists and dental labs from across the globe asking us to sell them Condor on the spot.


For more information on how to become involved in the Condor-project, please visit our Condor page and complete the “request login” on the introduction page.



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